Fat Joe Admits He Lied In 95 Percent Of His Song While Defending Young Thug

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Fat Joe admitted that he lied in 95 percent of the songs he’s released throughout his career.

During a recent interview with Gayle King, the “Lean Back” hitmaker said that it is horrible that Young Thug’s lyrics is being used against him in his YSL RICO case. “I’ve been rapping professionally for 30 years — I’ve lied in almost 95 percent of my songs,” Fat Joe said. “I’m being honest. I write like I feel that day. I’m just being creative. You couldn’t build a jail high enough for the lyrics I’ve said on songs which are all untrue.”

He continued, “What I am is a family man, the person who gives back to my community all the time, opens businesses in my community. So the music would never amount to the actual person, Joseph Cartagena. What’s even more horrible is that the district attorneys, they know those lyrics ain’t real. They know that’s creativity. But if it helps their case, they’ll use it to put these guys in jail.”

The Bronx rapper added, “And here, we’re having a fun show about it and discussion, but there really is six defendants in Atlanta who might spend the rest of their lives in jail for something that’s totally not true. This is very serious. This destroys families.” Check out the full conversation below.