Fat Joe Opens Up About Uncredited Music Sampling

Fat Joe is the latest artist to react to Boosie Badazz’s announcement that he is seeking legal action against anyone who uses his music without clearance.

During a recent Instagram Live session, The Bronx rapper said that his music has been “jacked” many times throughout his career without his permission. “If you use somebody’s music and you sample it and you don’t clear it and you don’t give them no money, they can sue you,” Fat Joe said. “Me, personally, I have never sued nobody for that. And trust me, they done had ‘Make it rain, make it, make it, make it rain.‘ Or ‘Lean wit it, rock wit it.’ My s**t’s been jacked legendary. ‘Shoooulder leeean.’ My s**t been jacked!”

He continued: “If I went to court I’d be like, ‘Exhibit A — that s**t don’t look like ‘Lean Back’ to you?’ I could’ve sued people for sampling my s**t 10, 20 times.” Check out the clip below.