Fat Joe Recalls The Time His Best Friend Robbed Him Of Millions

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Fat Joe said he was robbed of millions by his own best friend.

According to HipHopDX, the “All The Way Up” hitmaker opened up about the alleged incident with a man he was close with for over 20 years during a conversation at an Art Basel event in Miami.

“I got my heart broken so many times. I had a best friend, the man was with me every single day for 25 years. I would have died for this person. Or ‘allegedly’ killed somebody for this person,” Fat Joe said. “So when I go through the taxes, there’s something called a forensic accountant. We looking at everything and my new accountant looks at me and he does this [bows head].”

He continued, “It says here your best friend is stealing your money and it goes back years. He’s paying his kids’ school, buying his cars with your accounts. We shared accounts where he could just go in my account and get whatever he want.”