Fat Joe Takes Credit For Ashanti and Nelly’s Romantic Reunion

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Fat Joe believes he is the reason that Ashanti and Nelly got back together.

During a recent Instagram Live session, the “All The Way Up” rapper said that his 2021 Verzuz battle against Ja Rule is what led to the couple’s romantic reunion. “They look so happily ever after,” he said, before bringing up a FaceTime call he had with the “Body On Me” hitmakers amid speculation that they announced a pregnancy last December. According to the Bronx native, the clip of Nelly rubbing on Ashanti’s stomach was just a joke and the annoucement was a rumor.

“I immediately tell them I need 10 percent of this kid because if it wasn’t for Verzuz, that I brought Nelly out [during] me against Ja Rule, that’s when they saw each other and energy connected again. That’s when he said I gotta have her. He was over there contemplating; he really wanted to go over there,” Fat Joe a. “He goes over there, and that starts the conversation. You know somebody gotta crack the ice — I don’t know why they fell out.”