Fat Joe Talks With Kamala Harris About ‘Unfair’ Laws Around Marijuana Possession

On Friday (March 15), Fat Joe sat down with Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss the unfair legal ramifications surrounding marijuana possession in the U.S.

The Terror Squad rapper was also joined by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and several people who had been pardoned for previous weed-related convictions. In Harris’ opinion, the critical issue is about de-stigmatizing the misinformation surrounding marijuana use and how it is often unfairly equated to harder drugs, like heroin.

“This issue is stark when one considers the fact that on the schedule currently marijuana is considered as dangerous as heroin,” she began. Harris continued: “Marijuana is considered as dangerous as heroin and more dangerous than fentanyl, which is absurd. Not to mention patently unfair.”

The rapper seemed overjoyed while facilitating the discussion and said in a statement to the press,” When the vice president calls me, I stop everything.”