FBI Investigating A Flight A Woman Took To See R. Kelly When She Was A Minor [PHOTO+VIDEO]

R. Kelly performs at Little Caesars Arena on February 21

Photo credit – Scott Legato/Getty Images

The FBI is taking the claims made against R. Kelly very seriously. Earlier in Jan, Lifetime aired their multipart ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary and for the first time, we heard detailed stories from many alleged victims.

One of the alleged victims in particular that the FBI is interested in is Azriel Clary. During the documentary, she told details of a time when the “Pied Piper” arranged a coast-to-coast trip for her when she was 17. The flights were arranged by R. Kelly’s assistant at the time.

TMZ reports that R. Kelly could be in HOT water if the FBI finds that he violated the “Mann Act — the federal act that makes it illegal to transport a minor across state lines for purposes of sex, debauchery or prostitution.” R. Kelly’s defense is that her mom signed a note giving him consent to travel with her daughter. It may not serve as a strong defense because Azriel took the trip in May 2015 and the note is dated in September.

Check out Azriel’s clip on Lifetime:

This is the note:

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