Fellas…Are You Missing The Signs, or Want Her To Say It? [VIDEO]

Charles Chaplin and actress Paulette Goddard

[PHOTO Cred: Hulton Archive / Stringer ]

First of all…. this is for people in relationships, if you’re not in a relationship with her, then there are no signals, and you MUST wait until she SAYS she’s ready for all of that!! But This is a good time to talk about those ‘signals’ that women do with their significant other, fellas this is why they call us stupid, dumb, and all the negative brain power talk they do with us… also possibly a strong reason as to why they get upset when we cheat(IF you cheat, I don’t ;-), they may feel like if we miss our chance to get that sweet goodness it’s on us;

She was clearly looking to get gutted… but its really not fair treat us as pieces of meats to be used at your will