Five Small Black Businesses To Support In Honor Of MLK Day

Black American civil rights leader Martin Luther King (1929 - 1968) addresses crowds during the March On Washington at the Lincoln Memorial
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’” As we all know, Dr. King was known as the leader of the Civil Rights Movement and has paved the way for many people today.

In honor of celebrating his life and legacy, we are going to help you do for others and pay it forward with some small black businesses that you should support with MLK Deals. Check out the list below. 

Evione Essentials – Sale: 15% off 

Love good-smelling candles? Well, Evione Essentials is the place for it. This all-natural candle company came together after two sisters decided to honor their grandmother who passed away due to COVID-19. They have a wide variety of scents and can even customize scents just for you! 

Picture of Apple Candle
Photo by: Evione Essentials

Instagram: @evioneessentials

Bubbs By The Cays – Sale: 15% off

All-natural soap that helps with eczema, dry skin, and more! Who wouldn’t want that? This brand was founded by the husband-wife duo, The Thomas’ after they realized their son had bad eczema. All of their soaps are hand-made and are free of harmful chemicals. 

Picture of all-natural soaps
Photo by: Bubbs By The Cays


Calm Aura – Bundle Deals Starting at $20

This nut-free and vegan hair and skin line is the perfect gift for someone who is all about self-care. Each bundle deal comes with a variety of products to choose from. Created by a mother who was trying to figure out what products would work best for her daughter’s hair, she wanted something effective and affordable. This company also accepts special requests from its customers.

Picture of a bundle deal
Photo by: Calm Aura

Instagram: @calmaura444

Busy Bees Fashion – Buy One, Get One 65% off 

Ladies, ladies, ladies, this one is for you. This clothing line is equipped with any style you are looking for. From party to casual and everything in between, they will have everything that you are looking for. They also have free shipping on orders over $60! 

Picture of Brown Dress
Photo By: Busy Bee Fashion

Instagram: @busybeesfashion

Tae Kay Lash – Sale: 25% off

We all know that a good lash can go a long way! Tae Kay Lash offers a variety of lashes to fit the look that you are going for, whether it is a natural look or something really bold and fierce. These lashes will have people turning heads. 

Picture of eyelashes
Photo By: TaeKay Lash

Instagram: @taekaylash