‘For Life’ Executive Produced By 50 Cent Renewed For Second Season! 

"Buried" - Aaron pushes to represent longtime inmate Easley Barton
(Giovanni Rufino via Getty Images)

If you were watching the first season of ABC’s For Life, then great news because it’s coming back! 

Hollywood Reporter reports the show got picked up for season two. 

The show is based on a true story about the life of a black man named Issac Wright, who was imprisoned but became a lawyer behind bars and fought for his inmate’s freedom, as well as his own. Ultimately, Wright tries to prove his innocence as he was wrongfully convicted. Issac is played by Nicholas Pinnock. 

50 Cent executive produces the show and also plays the character of Big Cassius, a jail bully who has a lot of control, even though he’s behind bars. 

For Life brings awareness to America’s broken criminal system, racial injustice, and the struggles a black person will go through, fighting for justice.

No air date reported yet but we’ll keep you posted. For now, check a trailer and a clip from the show: