Former Bad Boy Producer Shows An Unreleased Lil Kim & Foxy Brown Collaboration

Lil Kim x Foxy Brown
Photo credit – GettyImages (L)Rodin Eckenroth (R) Kimberly Butler

Someone just unlocked a hip hop hidden treasure! 

Former Bad Boy producer, Rashad Smith teased a long lost Lil Kim and Foxy Brown collaboration. Over the weekend, Rashad shared a picture of old school cassette tapes. One of the tapes included an unreleased Kim and Foxy joint. 

The track is called “Enjoy Yourself,” and from the picture, it was recorded on June 1, 1997, after they both dropped their debut albums. Hip Hop DX reports the Kim and Foxy beef started in late 1996 and it was over the fact they wore the same outfit in their album packaging. In ‘97, the two rap queens were supposed to drop a collaboration album, Thelma & Louise, but that never happened.

Earlier this month, Swizz didn’t deny the possibility of a Verzuz between Kim and Foxy. Although nothing has been confirmed, there’s a chance something could be in the works.