Foxy Brown Shows Love To Asian Doll Amid Megan Thee Stallion & City Girls Drama 

(Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Whewwww chileeee! 


There was a situation on the Internet over the weekend and things got really messy. Asian Doll was sharing her unreleased verse that was supposed to be on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Do It on the Tip” off her debut album Good News. Asian’s verse didn’t make it and instead, the City Girls are on the song. 

Initially, Asian said she didn’t care if she was on the song or not. A fan told Asian that they would be mad and that’s when Asian agreed but said she was over it. Asian said, “I was (mad) but ima Sagittarius we get mad then 10mins later WE DON’T GIVE A F*** BOUT NUNNADET S***. (sic)”

JT of the City Girls chimed in and gave her definition of a “real friend.” JT said,

“A real friend is something you b****** really don’t know nothing about!. I been doing good but ima bout to start laying y’all attention hoes out & I’m coming with FACTS!!!!! Sympathetic ass hoes are really starting to grind on my gears! FR!”

Asian quickly caught wind and Tweeted that JT wasn’t talking about her because JT didn’t @ her. That’s when the two rappers started @‘ing each other and going AWF! Fans wondered why Megan didn’t step in to defend Asian. Meg responded later and said that she doesn’t need to explain herself to the Internet, people don’t believe her anyway. Asian also felt a type of way when Megan hopped on JT’s live and commented with heart eyes. 

Asian said this could have been avoided if Megan checked JT. Take a look:

Foxy Brown shared a video of Asian singing her latest song, “Nunnadat Sh*t.” Fans think Foxy is siding with Asian, what do you think?