Funk Flex Calls Out Ghostwriting Rappers And Says Rappers Stole A$AP Rocky’s Style + Rocky Responds! [PHOTO]

Funk Flex of Hot 97

(Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

Funk Flex is known to not hold back his thoughts and this time, he’s letting the hip hop world know again he’s not here for ghostwriters and swag stealers! Flex tweeted a series of comments on Twitter and some believe he’s taking aim at the recent Cardi B “Be Careful” fiasco. No one knows who he’s talking about so I’ll let you decide.


This tweet on the other hand is direct and it involves A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott:


Rocky decided to chime in on the tweet:

And if you’re curious as to who he has lined up next for the Funk Flex Freestyles. Here you go: