Funk Flex Talks The History Of Rocafella Records & The Use of The Word “Culture Vulture” [AUDIO]

Dame Dash with a coat on

[Photo Cred: Djamilla Rosa Cochran / Contributor] Let me start by saying how much I love my job… Step Down where bih? Ok so earlier Funk Flex get fed up with comments on HIS IG talking about how Lyor Cohen is a ‘Culture Vulture’, so he made a post about Dame(showing he does indeed know Lyor) and another one saying he had something to talk about at 7p, I’m not going to front, I wasn’t sure where this was going because I didn’t look at his other posts(due to algorithm), so I’m sure a bunch of you were a little lost too. So Funk Gets to the station, stops the music, told people get ready, played another record, then came back, and this happened:

So he starts out talking about where he was in the time period, then talked about where Rocafella was in that period(original Flavor to The Roc), on a label(Pay Day to Freeze/Sleeping Bag/Priority) that wasn’t really getting them anywhere. Flex gave Dame his credit as the visionary at the Roc, and that he indeed made Flex check out Jay Z when NYC was all about the Wu & Bad Boy. Then when Rocafella was trying to promo ‘Ain’t No’ to get ppl hype for “Reasonable Doubt” before it came out, and Def Jam had a better play by getting them on the label(Def Jam) and how it changed the game for them. Then Flex pointed out Lyor and Kev Lyles went on to big things and of course Jay Z, but Dame may be saying ‘Culture Vulture’ on Lyor to get somewhere he’s currently not at. Listen to the audio yourself and tell us what you think?? Here is the Tree Flex was talking about:



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