G Herbo And GF Taina Welcome Their New Baby Girl

(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Congratulations are in order for rapper G Herbo and his girl friend, Taina Williams, as they welcome their new baby girl.

The couple revealed that they gave birth to, Emmy Love Wright, on May 17th. This is the couples second child together.

The couple announced their pregnancy back in December, on Christmas Eve. Taina shared a vlog style video to her social media accounts and captioned it, “I’m feelin’ like a should vlog this because I think this may be a thing …” she says while holding a Clear Blue pregnancy test box. “I have something to show you,” she says while on FaceTime with Herb.

Herb who was all smiles in the video, spoke about their relationship and how special Taina is to him. “I ain’t go lie, to be honest, I feel like, I really feel like opposites attract in a way,” he told the Million Dollaz Worth of Game hosts. “… [William’s] just pure, through and through. You know what I’m sayin’? She not afraid to like, express her feelings, tell me how she feel about stuff. Even when it’s like, I don’t understand it all the time, she’ll tell me something where I feel like she kinda like, dissin’ me a little bit. But she really ain’t, she tellin’ me something that really build me. She really makes me feel like a man, like complete,” he added. “I’m at comfort when I’m at the crib. She take care of home. If I ain’t have no girl, bro, I’d be really livin’ like, crazy. I probably wouldn’t have no furniture at my crib.”