G Herbo Out on Bail + Says Ex GF Ari Stole His Jewelry [VIDEO]


Photo Credit: Prince Williams / Getty Images


After getting arrested for assaulting the mother of his child, G Herbo is out on bail, and telling his side of the story.


According to the Chicago rapper, his ex stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from his home, and he’s been trying to retrieve it since.


Herbo also explained that he offered his ex $50,000 dollars to get his jewels back, and even told his IG LIVE that he does not have the STD she allegedly started rumors about…


While his “explanation” is no excuse for physical violence against a woman, G Herbo has not confirmed nor denied the details of the altercation, however, Ari gave explicit details on what happened the night of the fight.


Take a look at his posts below: