Gabrielle Union Confirms ‘Bring It On’ Spin-Off

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Gabrielle Union confirms a “Bring it On” sequel is in the works.

According to reports, Gabrielle Union is developing a sequel that will focus on the “East Compton Clovers” in which she played the cheer caption in the first installment of the movie. “We’ve been developing a sequel that centers on the Clovers,” she said during a recent interview. 

The actress previously shared some behind the scenes moments when filming the movie. “Storytime! So, we shot these snippets that you see here after the movie wrapped because once test audiences saw the movie, they wanted more of the clovers,” she wrote. “So we shot these, only for the trailer, not the movie, to make people think were in the movie more than we were. The end.” 

Gabrielle Union initially hinted at rumors back in August, on the film’s 22nd anniversary. “Hmmm, so Isis might have a teenager,” she tweeted. “There’s so many forms of cheerleading that we don’t get to celebrate,” she said. “The possibilities are endless.”

“I mean, I could have a son, a daughter. I could have a non-binary child. Anything’s possible,” she said, adding, “I’m already Mama June on the sidelines [in real life].”

Gab has yet to release any dates about the sequel- but are you looking forward to it?