Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Splitting The Bills 50/50 With Dwyane Wade

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Gabrielle Union opens up about financial security and how she struggles with it.

During a recent interview with Bloomberg, Union gets very candid about money. She was asked “when did you develop your first sense of [monetary] security?” to which she answered, “I still struggle with that. I have more responsibilities for my money.”

The actress and the wife of Dwyane Wade, explains, “I have more responsibilities for my money,” she continued. “I get nervous if a movie doesn’t open, am I gonna have enough to hold everyone up?” She goes on to explain that something that helps with her financial anxiety is she and Dwyane Wade’s decision to split their bills 50/50.

Union says as she is responsible for “so many” people- if she doesn’t work, “somebody ain’t gone’ eat.”

Watch the full interview below.