Gabrielle Union Posed Completely Topless, Social Media Reacts: ‘Just Perfect’

Gabrielle Union stuns social media on the cover of Perfect Magazine.

The actress posed topless, as she shared a series of photos via Instagram. “Substance 💙,” she captions the photo dump. “Wow! You always have a youthful, amazing, Beautiful look” commented one fan. “The fits. The face. The fierce vibes for days..” commented another.

We previously reported that Gab Union and her hubby Dwyane Wade made headlines recently as the two opened up about splitting their bills 50/50. During a recent interview with Bloomberg, Union was asked “when did you develop your first sense of [monetary] security?” to which she answered, “I still struggle with that. I have more responsibilities for my money.”

The actress and the wife of Dwyane Wade, explains, “I have more responsibilities for my money,” she continued. “I get nervous if a movie doesn’t open, am I gonna have enough to hold everyone up?” She goes on to explain that something that helps with her financial anxiety is she and Dwyane Wade’s decision to split their bills 50/50.