Gabrielle Union Says Before Her Acting Career She Wanted To Be A Video Vixen & Auditioned For Tupac

Gabrielle Union
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Gabrielle Union was close to being a video vixen instead of an actress.

As reported on The Jasmine Brand, Gabrielle spoke on her career in a new interview. The publication reports early in Gabrielle’s career, she spoke on her experience as an intern at a talent agency. She said, “So I got this internship in my last year of school, and I was like the office gofer, help, or whatever, and I worked in the kids department. So we were working with Hayden Panetierre and Jessica Biel and Shane West and all of those young child actors. I’d talk to their parents and managers and whatnot, and when my internship ended, they were like, ‘Would you ever consider being our client and us representing you.”

Gabrielle revealed she was hesitant because at the time, she had low self-esteem. However, she was determined to becoming a high profile video vixen. She went on to say, “Mind you, I had such low self-esteem, I wanted to be a video h** so bad. That’s all I wanted. I didn’t wanna be in movies, I didn’t wanna be in commercials, I wanted to be the chosen video h**.”

Then she spoke on a time she auditioned for a Tupac video for “California Love.” Gabrielle said, “Well, that’s what we called them then, now they are ‘video vixens’, ‘IG models,’ yeah. But I wanted to be like a hot b***h, except I lacked all of the necessary accouterment like big boobs or an a**. It wasn’t really the desired look at the time. I was literally auditioning for the ‘California Love’ video with Tupac and 20 of his closest friends.”

Gabrielle didn’t get the call to be in the video. She eventually focused on her acting career and started booking gigs. However, she did get to experience being a “video vixen” after she starred in Busta Rhymes’ ‘I Love My Chick,’ LL Cool J’s ‘Paradise,’ Montell Jordan’s ‘You Must Have Been,’ and more, TJB points out.