Gabrielle Union Says Daughter Thought Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance World Tour’ Show Was Blue Ivy Concert

Gabrielle Union and her four-year-old daughter, Kaavia James Wade, attended Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour” birthday stop in Los Angeles.

During an interview with PEOPLE, The Perfect Find star revealed that Kaavia was there for Blue Ivy Carter. “It was Kaavia’s first concert outside of seeing characters perform at Disneyland,” Union began. “It was way past her bedtime since she goes to bed no later than 7 and Bey doesn’t go on until 8:30/9. She was absolutely delirious.”

She revealed that Kaavia and best friend Crosby, were “having a ball,” until she realized her favorite part of the show wouldn’t last long. “I had to explain to her that Blue is only a small part of the concert,” she explained. “Kaav was there for a Blue Ivy concert, while the rest of us were there for Blue, as well as her mom.”

The Bring It On actress continued, “So when it was Blue’s time to come on, we took them down closer to the stage so she could see, and that was really the only time she was laser-focused. She is obsessed with Blue, so Blue comes on and then when she’s off and Beyoncé comes back, she’s like, ‘Where’s Blue?’”

“She was eager to get back to her besties and we’re like right there, watching the Queen do her thing on the biggest stage, and Kaavia’s like, ‘Blue is gone? The mom is cool but she hasn’t even sung ‘Single Ladies,’” she added. “So she had a good time at the Blue Ivy concert, as we’ve started calling it in our house.”