Gervonta Davis Reveals He Needed Professional Help After Assaulting His Baby Mother In February

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Gervonta Davis is finally speaking up about the assault against his baby mother, Andretta Smothers, that left her injured back in February. 

In a recent interview, the boxing star admitted that the incident took place out of anger of seeing his ex at the same event as him. “I was just mad. And, once I seen her, it’s not like I grabbed her by her neck, I grabbed her shirt, like, you gotta get outta here type thing,” he continued. “And, I probably was wrong for doing that. I WAS wrong for doing that. But, it wasn’t so much of not me trying to hit her, it was just me angry.” 

Davis was caught on video, grabbing Smothers and forcing her to get up from her seat while at a basketball game. It was also recorded that Davis punched Smothers while they were in the locker room area. 

Davis was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery and pleaded not guilty in court. Smothers suffered from injuries to her lip and jaw. 

After the incident, Davis admitted that he needed help to deal with his anger and temper. “It wasn’t because I have to. It’s more so because of the situation in the future, knowing how to do deal with stuff in the future.”