Ginuwine Responds To The Internet Laughing At Him Falling Off A Stage 

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Ginuwine is doing well after taking a tumble off the stage at a performance.

The legendary R&B singer had a set at the Lovers And Friends festival in Las Vegas over the weekend. In a viral clip, you see Ginuwine fall off the stage.

Take a look:

In the short clip, Ginuwine doesn’t get up. He took to Instagram to give fans an update. In the caption, he wrote:

“I buss my ass I am constantly laughing with the funnies but we right back at it ATL stand up next year im windmillin so don’t mis it lolololol I got it prepared already but yeah I’m good about to do what I do one mo gin.” He ended the message with, “GOE GINUWINE Over Everything.

The actor Pooch Hall said, “you still the same ol G and showing these young kats how it’s done.” R&B singer Tweet responded and said, “my bro, I love you.” 

A fan in the comment section said, “You’re okay, that’s what matters.” Another person wrote, “We fall down but we get up fosho.” 

Check it out: