Good Deed: Chance The Rapper Wants To Buy 10 People Groceries For A Whole Year

Chance The Rapper performs at Sunday Service during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 21

Photo credit: Rich Fury / Getty Images

Here’s a great way to promote your music! Chance The Rapper just recently dropped his newest single, ‘Groceries.’  Chance took to his twitter to share this new challenge.  He wants to award to the best 10 dancers, with groceries for a year. He’ll be picking 10 winners that make a video to his new single.

“I would like to pay for your #GRoCERIES for the next year. Yup,” he tweeted. “I’m picking the 10 best dance videos posted with #Groceries and paying for their groceries THROUGH NEXT SUMMER! Extra points if you do it with friends/parents. EXTRA EXTRA points if you do it at work/school.”

Will you be showing off your dance moves? View the tweet below.