Google Could Be HURTING Apple AND Amazon With This One! [VIDEO]

Hey Google

[Photo Cred: Ethan Miller / Staff ]

So this week Google has their Big yearly developers summit called Google I/O, and If you haven’t seen the ads in the subway(42nd D line), Google’s newest product is ‘Google Assistant’, and Google is showing off just how amazing it is right now, AND delivering a bit of a blow to Siri… and maybe even Alexa…;

That is dope, you can only hear the computerization in a couple places!!

Now I would be remiss not to tell you what is really going on here, or at least partly, Google is looking for that behavioral data, Although Google gets a TON of daily data from our searching, this is the type of Data that can pin point your buying behavior! The more you use these platforms for convenience, the more they use it to get our dollars and the more Data is in the field to get hacked :-/