‘Gorilla Glue Woman’ Sounds Off On People Calling Her A ‘Clout Chaser’

Gorilla Glue
Photo by: Kyle Oster / Shutterstock.com

Tessica Brown is living a nightmare!

She shared a video online, showing fans the process she’s going through to get gorilla glue out of her hair. She initially used the product as a substitute for strong hair spray (she ran out of the brand she usually uses), thinking it would do the job. Unfortunately, it did, but it had her hair stuck in the same style for over a month. 

However, some people online have been accusing Brown of “clout chasing,” or that she’s doing this for attention. In a video, shared by The Neighborhood Talk blog, Brown let it be known she would never do this on purpose. Take a look: 

Even though some online users are hating, some came to Brown’s defense. When it initially happened, Chance The Rapper shared positive words and recently, and Twitter users defended Brown even more. 

Brown also needed to seek medical attention to have the hair removed and is gearing up for surgery. She’s on her way to get the procedure done so she can go back to having a normal life. She’s also taking legal action against the glue company.