Gross! Dinner Delivered Driver Arrested after Dipping his Privates in Customers Salsa [VIDEO]


Photo Credit: Credit:Smith Collection/Gado – Getty Images

A Tennessee man was arrested and charged with a felony, after footage surfaced of him dipping his testicles into a container of salsa that a customer ordered online.

Police reported that 31-year old Howard Matthew Webb from Maryville, TN, was an employee for Dinner Delivered and picked up the order from a local Mexican restaurant on January 12th.

Webb allegedly recorded the pickup and posted a recording of his cruelty online saying, “This is what you get when you give an 89 cent tip for an almost 30-minute drive”. He is also heard saying,’ Oh, oh, it feels good.” ABC7 News reported the driver was arrested last week and charged with ‘adulteration of food’ and was also fired from Dinner Delivered , who also forwarded his personal information to authorities.

The Mexican restaurant even issued the customer a refund for the contaminated salsa. Webb is currently behind bars on a $45,00 bond pending a hearing on March 12th.

Take a look below: