Gucci Mane Wanted To Join BMF, But Big Meech Wouldn’t Allow It 

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According to Bleu DaVinci, Gucci Mane wanted to be part of the Black Mafia Family. 

Big Meech turned Gucci Mane down because he didn’t like Gucci’s reputation as a robber. Hip Hop DX reports Meech didn’t want “loose cannons” in his crew. DaVinchi said,

“Gucci’s a street n-gga. He just be outside all the time and sh*t. Gucci was like a part-time jack boy, part-time dope dealer, part-time rapper. Gucci was a slash man. I knew Gucci before I knew Jeezy.” He continued,

“Gucci used to always be in the club, on the wall looking at n-ggas with a drink in his hand with his hat down, trying to get him a victim. Meech knew him.He was cool, and he used to try to get down with the mob, but Meech was telling n-ggas like, ‘Nah man, this n-gga be out here robbing n-ggas and shit. We can’t have no n-ggas that’s known robbers.’” 

DaVinchi said; nonetheless, Gucci has always “been the homie.” He said, ” He always just been a friendly and always been the homie.”

The article also points out Gucci worked with BMF on the music side for his breakthrough single, “So Icy,” ft. Jeezy. Take a look at a clip from the interview: 

50 Cent’s BMF series is based on the life and actual events of Big Meech and Southwest T, in the late 1980s. They come from southwest Detroit’s troubling streets. The Black Mafia Family is one of the most influential crime families who chased the American Dream; however, things happened along the way that disrupted their brotherhood. 

Big Meech’s son, Demetrius, also known as “Lil Meech,” made his acting debut and plays his father. Grown-ish actor Da’Vinchi plays the role of BMF’s co-founder/Big Meech’s brother, Southwest T. 

It’s in the second season and got renewed for a third.