Gunna Dodges The Stand In Young Thug & YSL RICO Trial

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It appears that Gunna will not take the stand in the ongoing Young Thug and YSL RICO Trail.

On Tuesday (April 9), circulating reports on X/Twitter suggest that a judge has ordered the state to trim their witness list. Consequently, Gunna, who was recently identified as a member of the Crips by a co-defendant during the RICO trial against Young Thug and his YSL collective, is no longer included.

“The State has CONFIRMED that Gunna will NOT be called to the witness stand in the Young Thug & YSL RICO Trial,” the thread begins.

“The judge ordered the state to cut down their list of 700+ witnesses to the ones that they currently intend to call,” the message continues in another thread.

“Their new list of ~200 witnesses names multiple co-defendants who took pleas as witnesses they want to call, but no Gunna. The state not calling him shouldn’t come as a surprise to people who were following the case, but the confirmation is good to have. Will tweet the full list later today.”

In January, Trontavious “Slug” Stephens, who touts himself a co-founder of YSL (Young Slime Life), faced questioning by prosecutors as part of a plea deal that mandated his testimony.

During questioning, prosecutors, who assert YSL is linked to the Bloods, asked if there were any Crips associated with the collective. Stephens confirmed, identifying Gunna.

However, Gunna’s attorney refuted the claims, stating in court: “[My client] is not involved in any of the so-called Shady Park Crips matters.”

Stephens formerly accused Young Thug and five other YSL co-defendants of being gang members. Yet, the rapper and his legal team argue that YSL represents Young Stoner Life and is merely a record label.