Guys…Barack & Michelle Obama May NEVER Come Back From Vacation [VIDEO]

Barack Obama kissing Michelle Obama on the cheek in front of two marines standing guard
(Photo Credit: Pool/Getty Images)

It’s only been 10 days, but it seems like former President Barack Obama has been out of the White House forever.

He has been enjoying a much needed break in the British Virgin Islands along with his wife Michelle, and we haven’t seen the two so relaxed in…well…ever.

We haven’t heard much from the Obama’s since he left, but today brand new footage showed him hanging out in the ultimate laid back outfit. He wore a backwards cap, a t-shirt, some shorts and flip flops.

They look relaxed as ever too.

Obama released a statement following the controversial executive action this weekend which banned those from certain countries from entering the United States.

Check out some highlights of their trip below.