Halle Berry & Lena Waithe Sign on For ‘Boomerang’ Remake #SceneIt

Image of Lena Waithe and Halle Berry
(Photo by J. Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD)


When you try to remake a classic show or movie, it can either, do the original justice or the opposite.


But when you have someone from the original cast join the remake, that changes the game a bit.


BET first announced they were bringing back Eddie Murphy’s “Boomerang” in Spring and now more details are coming out about it.


Oscar winning Halle Berry, who played Eddie’s girlfriend in the movie, has been tapped in to executive produce the 10-episode comedy series, along with Emmy Award winning screenwriter, Lena Waithe. 


Initially, the project was supposed to be an updated version of the film but now has turned into a sequel. Instead, it will follow the lives of the main character’s kids as they attempt to make a name of their own. 


Are you excited for the reboot?