Halle Berry Reveals The “Nastiest Request” She Received During Sex

(Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images)

Halle Berry has been very open about discussing her sex life as of late. 

During the latest IGTV episode of 5 Rounds with special guest Latto, the pair asked each other a series of funny to uncomfortable questions during the seven-minute sit-down.

One of the questions that were asked by Latto was finding out what was the most “nastiest request” that Berry received during sex. 

Does nastiest request count? Can she change the question?” the 55-year-old actress asked. Latto responded, “It could be like nasty, wildest, weirdest.” 

Halle went on to answer the question, “Somebody once wanted me to let him spit in my face. I was like ‘ you got it twisted! This isn’t a porn video This is happening for real. It is not a movie.’” 

Check out the entire episode below