HEARTBREAKING: California Synagogue Shooting Left 1 Dead And 3 Wounded

Synagogue Shooting

Photo credit – Brendt A Petersen/Shutterstock


Will the hate crimes ever stop?

A shooting occurred at a Synagogue, the Congregation Chabad in Poway, north of San Diego.

The horrible incident happened on (April 27), the last day of Passover. According to reports, one person is dead and three others are wounded.

The shooter was caught after an off-duty Border Patrol agent fired at him while he was trying to flee the scene. The off-duty agent didn’t hit the suspect but shot at his car instead.

CNN reports that the shooter called 9-1-1 to report the shooting that just happened. When authorities arrived, he surrendered.

Police have the shooter, identified as, 19-year-old, John Earnest, in custody. It’s being considered a hate crime “because of statements that were made when the shooter entered,” according to CNN.

The mayor, Steve Vaus said the congregation was targeted by “someone with hate in their heart … towards our Jewish community and that just will not stand.”

Our hearts and prayers are with the families and victims!

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