Here Are Five Valentine’s Day Don’ts To Keep In Mind

A black heel stepping on a red heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re in love and have a significant other, you’re probably excited about what the night has to offer.

If you’re dating someone new you are probably wondering if they like you enough to ask you out tonight, and if you’re single and bitter then I feel sorry for you.

After all, today is for the lovers and to celebrate love! With hours leading up to one of the most romantic evenings of the year, some of you may still be wondering what you should and should not do to impress the one you love tonight.

It is indeed possible for this list to go on for days, but in a nutshell, here are five important Valentine’s Day dont’s to keep in mind.


Don’t Forget That It’s Valentine’s Day


If you are a guy with a special lady in your life, she is probably looking forward to this day. Please do not forget it is Valentine’s Day. If she has to ask you where her Valentine’s Day chocolates are, then you will probably suffer some sort of consequences later.

Don’t Break The Bank


I get it, you like her or him A LOT, but don’t take your signicant other out for Hibachi if you don’t really have Hibachi money. A one night experience is not worth hurting your pockets, so keep whatever you have in mind budget friendly. It is very important to always live within your means. 

Don’t Make Your Ex The Topic Of Discussion


Talking about your ex while out with someone new will for sure spoil a Valentine’s Day evening. Keep the conversation focused on the person you are celebrating with, let them know that they are special!

Don’t Give Your Valentine A Generic Card


Giving a card is a beautiful gesture but if you plan on just signing your name below the generic message that the card comes with then don’t. If you are going to give your Valentine a card, write a nice note in it for them, make it special.

Don’t Take Her To Applebees


When I say this, I don’t mean break the bank if you can’t afford to take your Valentine to a fancy dinner, but please, please, please get creative. There are plenty of inexpensive mom and pop restaurants, especially in New York City that you can go to. Doesn’t have to be typical old Fridays or Applebees.

Hopefully with that advice, you call that special person up and enjoy a Happy Valentine’s Day!