Here’s Why The Internet Believes Cardi B. And Saweetie Are Beefing

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for dcp)

Fans believe there may be some beef brewing between two of hip-hop’s leading ladies, Cardi B. and Saweetie.

Rumors began after fans noticed that Saweetie was not at the Super Bowl alongside her man Quavo, Offset and Cardi. “Where’s my baby, Saweetie? It’s like I can never catch my 2 girls in the same frame,” said one fan. Saweetie was in Tampa Bay hosting her “Saweetie Bowl” event, so fans wonder why she didn’t join the crew at the SB.

Fans also speculate that the “beef” has something to with  Cardi’s new song “Up”, where she raps one of Saweetie’s catchphrases, “I know that’s right”, in a similar cadence. “Im wondering how saweetie feels about cardi using ha catchphrase,” mentioned one of their fans.

Neither of the two have addressed these rumors as of yet. We’re hoping all is way between the first ladies of The Migos’.