Here’s Why Wendy Williams’ Son Was Arrested After Physical Altercation With His Father

Kevin Hunter

photo credit: Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

It was previously reported that Wendy Williams’ son was arrested behind a physical altercation between him and his father. Kevin Hunter and Kevin Hunter Sr. were having a conversation in a parking lot, not too far from their New Jersey home when things took a turn for the worse.

It wasn’t too clear what exactly triggered the altercation, but it was reported that the incident stemmed from a conversation about spousal support.

Now, the real reason behind the altercation has been revealed.

According to reports, Kevin Jr. called his father, Kevin Sr. “a b*tch,” and that is what sparked the incident. Kevin Sr. allegedly approached his son in an aggressive manner and with a “closed fist to the face” after being called out of his name.

Although Kevin Sr. refused to cooperate with the investigation, Kevin Jr. was arrested on domestic violence simple assault charges. According to Page Six, the report reads “Kevin [Jr.] then stated that he called [redacted] a ‘bitch,’ which caused [redacted] to approach him in an aggressive manner and started pointing [redacted] finger very close to his face. [Kevin] Jr. then admitted to pushing [redacted], which caused them to start wrestling with one another.”

Wendy Williams was not on the scene during the altercation.