Hot 97 Valentine’s Day Playlists for Everyone – Single Or Taken

Valentine's Day Playlists Graphic
Valentine’s Day Playlists Graphic

Two 97-Minute Valentine’s Day Playlists!

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Hot 97 has you covered with two separate 97-minute playlists. The first playlist is for everyone who’s single, whether it’s by choice or they’re broken-hearted. The second playlist is for everyone who’s in love on this lovely Valentine’s Day!

Playlist for Single People 

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day – this one is for you! This playlist has a little something for everyone! You might want to love Every Girl In The World or get on your Thot Shit, both are perfectly acceptable. Maybe you need to listen to songs about how you Don’t Need your ex, or about how they Did You Wrong and now your feeling No LoveDrake can have you in your feelings or Russ can talk to you about Fck Boys

Maybe next year you’ll have a Valentine, but today you’ve got 97-minutes of hip-hop!

Playlist for Happy Couples

Share this playlist with your boo, then have it playing in the background later tonight. This may be the playlist for you, if your partner gives you Wild Thoughts or if you know someone who has a Crush On You. The single playlist is full of frustration, whereas the Couples Playlist is filled with LOVE and thought of the Best I Ever Had. 

Get to know some new songs and then vibe out to some classics as you celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day! Share this with someone you care about to let them know you’re thinking about them.