How Well Do You Know The Birthday Girl Kehlani? The Meaning Of Her Tats Explained!

Kehlani the singer at the soul train awards

Photo credit – Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock


Singer/songwriter and new mommy, Kehlani turns 24 today!

Let’s see how well you know Kehlani as we explore the meaning of her tattoos!

Kehlani isn’t afraid of getting ink. From head to toe, she is covered in tattoos, so let’s take a look:

1. Paper Planes:…
According to Kehlani, it symbolizes the idea of “staying above.”

2. Ocean Waves…
Ocean waves are often connected to living a life Of freedom.

3. ”Perdida y Encontrada”…
This is a Spanish term that translates to “lost and found.” Its her reminder that if she gets lost again, she can find herself.

4. Two Inspirations:…
On her arm, she has the images of Lauryn Hill and Frida Kahlo (an iconic Mexican artist/feminist) on her. These two women are her biggest inspirations since she got them inked on her body.

5. ”Today Is The Best Day Ever”…
This term is tatted on her calf. The day she was inked with it, could have been “the best day ever for her,” it could also be a reminder to whoever reads it that every day is a good day.

Check out this video of Kehlani talking about her tattoos:

Kehlani is celebrating her 24th birthday in the studio by the way! This could only mean one thing, new music coming soon!