Ice Cube Clears Up Involvement w/ Trump, Says Mission Is To Get Money, Not Endorse Anyone 

Rapper Ice Cube performs onstage during weekend one
Photo by Rick Kern/GettyImages

Ice Cube raised A LOT of eyebrows yesterday.

It was revealed that he’s working with the Trump Administration to develop his Platinum Plan for his presidential campaign. The Platinum Plan is an initiative to bring $500 billion into Black communities which is intended to promote affordable health care, Black businesses, education, and more.

However, social media was NOT feeling it at all. Ice Cube interviewed with Big Tigger from Atlanta’s V-103, The Morning Culture, and elaborated more on the situation. During the interview, Ice Cube said he’s been a Democrat his entire life, but now he realizes you can’t be locked into one party. He suggests people be down with the Independent party. He said,

“I’ve been a staunch Democrat my whole life. But in doing the Contract With [Black] America what I learned is by just locking into one party, and if that party doesn’t come through, then nothing’s going to come through.”

People online called Cube a “sell-out,” but the “F*ck The Police” rapper said he feels Black people should be protected like Native Americans. He also said Black people not voting for either party isn’t the answer, and no matter who is in the White House, we have to apply pressure!

Ice Cube also said he’s never met Trump, but spoke to his team. Trump’s team reached out to him for assistance on some of the issues Black America deals with that they were unaware of. Ice Cube said there is nothing wrong with “talking to power.”

“Every person I know trying to get something done has talked to power so that’s nothing, that’s a part of it. I expect to talk to every damn president until we get this contract done. I’m not playing the game of ‘I’m on this team and they’re on that team.’ I don’t think we can afford to do that. We can’t afford to be on nobody’s team. We got to be on the Black team and whoever is doing the most that’s how we roll.”

Ice Cube went on to say he doesn’t trust either of the candidates and hasn’t made a decision on who he will vote for.

Ebro in the Morning addressed ice Cube’s decision to work with the Trump administration this morning (Oct. 15).