Ice Spice Announces Her Debut Album, ‘Y2K,’ Coming In 2024

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“It’s almost finished,” says a bubbly Ice Spice to Honda and Jenna

Ice Spice – Hip-Hop’s most popular new artist – announced her debut album will be released in 2024 in an interview with The Today Show on Monday afternoon (Jan. 30). After being asked about the upcoming debut, she shared the news with the morning show hosts. Ice Spice episode of The Today Show aries on Tuesday (Jan. 31).



Ice Spice mentions that her debut album is called Y2K, in reference to her birthday, January 1, 2000. She shared that she is really excited about the upcoming debut as she has locked in some “crazy collaborations.” The announcement arrives shortly after she released her latest single and music video, “Think U The Shit (Fart).”

The 24-year-old burst onto the scene in 2022 with her debut song “Munch (Feelin’ U).” The success would lead to collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and PinkPantheress. Ice Spice released the 10-track EP, Like? (UMG) in 2023.

Ice Spice is scheduled to perform at this year’s Coachella, which is headlined by Tyler, The Creator, Doja Cat, and Lana Del Rey.