Ice Spice Reignites Beef With Latto, Here’s Why

Ice Spice and Latto’s beef has been brewing for a while, but now it seems things have bubbled over.

Rumors of tension between the pair have been circulating since last fall. While it’s unclear what initially sparked the issue between the rappers, the drama continues to catch the public’s attention. Recently, Ice Spice took to social media to share her side of the situation. The Bronx native believes Latto intentionally shaded her by sharing a snippet of her new track with Atlanta rapper Anycia, “Back Outside.” The short clip features Ice in the background on a television for her “Pretty Girl” video.

In a live chat on X (formerly known as Twitter), Ice Spice said this reignited the tension between the two. “Why am I in the back of your weak a** snippet? I thought it was fake,” she began. “I thought it had to be AI but no. Like be bold, but if you’re going to talk about me, then talk about me. Why am I in the back of your weak a** snippet?”

Prior to this outburst, Ice Spice dropped off her latest single, “Think U The Sh*t (Fart)” in which she rapped, “She all on the floor, told her get up (Get up),”  an apparent shot at Latto and her hit track “Put It On Da Floor.” As of today, the Grammy-nominated rapper has yet to respond to Ice Spice’s recent comments or the new single. However, we can assume a response is surely on it’s way.