Iggy Azalea Rips Her Pants While Performing On Stage In Saudi Arabia, Police Shut Down Show Early

Wardrobe malfunctions always have a harsher impact on women. 

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea ripped her pants while performing in Saudi Arabia. A video went viral of the moment Iggy was dancing then her pants suddenly split on her left thigh. She looked surprised, then handled the situation as best she could and continued to perform. The “Fancy” rapper made efforts to hide her exposed skin, then she was given new pants. Shortly after, her show was shut down. Take a look:

Iggy spoke out via social media and let fans know she was sorry and that wasn’t in her plans. She said:

“Saudi Arabia please know to everyone at the show tonight… I LOVE YOU!!! And I’m soooooo sorry I wasn’t allowed to finish my show. It’s not the promoter who put on the show’s fault so show them kindness because they are amazing people and we all wanted to continue but were not allowed by authorities because of my pants splitting.”

HNHH points out what could have ticked the foreign police off, and says it’s due to Iggy’s feminism. Iggy told the crowd at some point, “Ladies make some noise, it’s a woman’s world!” And apparently, that sent the authorities over the edge. Lol.” 

Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl performance when her right breast, covered with a nipple shield, was exposed by Justin Timberlake. Although he was the one who ripped off her clothing, he ultimately suffered no consequences, but Janet was blackballed.