Iman Shumpert Accused Of Cheating On Teyana Taylor + The ‘Other Woman’ Speaks Out

Iman Shumpert had the Internet HEATED!

Videos went viral of him allegedly cheating on Teyana Taylor with another woman. The blog, The Neighborhood Talk, shared a few alleged “receipts.” 

In one of the videos, a woman could be seen wearing one of the former basketball player’s chains. In another video, they seemingly get cozy, but it’s not clear. 

Hot New Hip Hop reports the woman’s name on IG is ayy_mamiii_ and she claims she’s Iman’s artist. She claims the chain she had on is a chain that was specially made for him and his artists. The woman also blamed the blogs for blowing up the story. 

Some fans on social media don’t believe Iman’s alleged artist and some hope its not true. On person on (X) Twitter said, “If iman shumpert cheated on Teyana he know he dead ass wrong.” Another social media user suggested its possible Teyana ,ay be aware of how he moves, if they have an “understanding.” The person wrote, “Is #Imanshumpert cheating on #Teyanataylor? Or are they in an open marriage? Or maybe these chicks are just looking for CLOUT.” 

Iman hasn’t spoken out as of yet, not Teyana. The couple have been together for six years and have two children together.