In Celebration Of Jay Z’s 50th Birthday, All Of His Music Is Available On Spotify!

Jay Z at summer jam

Photo credit – Theo Wargo/GettyImages

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of hip-hop’s most notable rappers and successful businessmen, Sean Carter, also known as Jay Z and HOV the GOAT.

He turns 50 today. 

Back in April of 2017, Jay Z’s discography had been removed from both Apple Music and Spotify without any reasoning. Although it was quickly reinstated back to Apple Music, the same did not occur for Spotify. Spotify stated the removal was only arranged “at the request of the artist.” Some theories suggested it was Jay’s way for fans to sign up for his streaming service, Tidal, Spotify’s top competitor.

After two long years, in celebration of his 50th milestone, Jay Z’s discography has finally returned to Spotify. 

The world’s top streaming service celebrated with a Twitter post saying, “Happy birthday Hov, Welcome back to Spotify.”

Our very own DJ Megan Ryte wants to know what song do you think is Jay Z’s BIGGEST record of ALL TIME?