‘In My Feelings’ Challenge Gone Wrong: Fan Fractures Skull! [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Prince Williams / Getty Images

The viral dance challenge to Drake’s hit single “In My Feelings” has taken a dangerous turn. An Iowa teen attempted the challenge but doing so almost cost her life.

18 year-old Anna Worden, who had been a dancer all her life, decided to do the challenge while driving around with friends. Worden was trying to jump out of a moving vehicle for the challenge when she fell and hit her head.

Unconscious, Anna was airlifted to the University of Iowa’s ICU. After gaining consciousness, she learned she had fractured her skull, had blood clots in her ear, and bleeding in her brain all from attempting a fad challenge.

Anna believes she learned a lesson and urges others to “Be more careful about the challenges and fads that you see that are going around. It may seem fun, and it may seem like it’s easy, but at the same time they could be so dangerous.”

Watch Anna’s account of the story below:

By: Kathryn McGuire