Insecure Recap: ‘LowKey Trying’ To Cope With Our Emotions With Issa And Molly’s Friendship

Yvonne Orji and Issa Rae smiling at the camera while sitting on stage
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

This past episode of Insecure tugged at the heartstrings of best friends all over the world. 

In this recent episode, fans finally got a chance to see Issa and Molly in the same room together. The two went brunch together, joked, laughed, and reminisced just like old times. Although it was good seeing those two back together, they never addressed the elephant in the room, which was the argument at Issa’s block party.

Throughout this season, you see that Issa and Molly have been falling off, and things, unfortunately, hit the fan during the block party. Molly had confronted Issa about going behind her back and asking Nathan (her ex) to ask Andrew, (Molly’s boyfriend) for help when Molly originally turned her down. 

Since their argument, fans had a chance to see how Issa and Molly lived their lives without each other.  In this recent episode, seeing both Issa and Molly together was a sense of nostalgia, but it was ruined when Molly mistakenly texted Issa a text meant for Andrew. 

After receiving the text, Issa and Molly tried to talk to about the real issue at hand but unwillingly ended their friendship. So now the question remains, can Issa and Molly go back to being best friends again?