Is Duke Going to Live Up To The Hype During The NCAA Tournament? [VIDEO]


Photo Credit: Lance King  – Getty Images


For years Duke University has found a way to reel in the top high school prospects consistently. Past and present superstars such as Grant Hill, Kyrie Irving, Brandon Ingram, and Jayson Tatum all attended the power house University.


Last year was another great recruiting process for Coach K and his staff as they managed to grab the five star sensation Zion Williamson, the Canadian lefty, RJ Barrett, and the silky smooth guard, Cam Reddish all in one year. These three players have shown how talented they actually are as a unit all year.


They are currently 29-5 and have the third best record in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Some of the losses they have taken occured when the number one NBA prospect, Zion Williamson wasn’t playing due to a knee injury he obtained during a game against their rival, North Carolina University.


Entering the NCAA Tournament, The Blue Devils are at full strength. The one question is, will they showcase the same urgency, teamwork, discipline, and hunger they displayed during the regular season.


It’s a lot of pressure for the three young stars to handle.


All we can do now is wait and see if they are ready for the spotlight that will be beamed on their backs.


Take a look at some highlights below: