Is Tory Lanez Looking For Love? He Breaks Down The Type Of Queen He Wants!

Tory Lanez performs onstage during Hot 97 Summer Jam 2018: "94' 'Til Infinty" at MetLife Stadium on June 10

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In Memories Don’t Die, Tory Lanez told us that he doesn’t want to get involved with someone if it’s not the “Real Thing!”

But what does the “Say It” singer really want in a woman?

According to him, he likes his lady to be low key. He’ll take the “regular girl” over a famous chick any day and there are a few reasons why. 

In his experience, “regular girls” are more private and stay out of the mix. They don’t have a huge social life, particularly a lot of “bros.” Regular chicks are more appreciative and aren’t materialistic.

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Tory Lanez


Take a look at the qualities Tory Lanez likes in his lady: