It’s True: You Can Meet & Marry a Prince by going to the Club! [PHOTO]

Coming to America Movie Poster
Photo Credit: Coming to America – Movie

Ariana Austin and her homegirls were having a good time at D.C’s Pearl Nightclub when she was approached by what later became the man of her dreams.

35 year-old Joel Mankonnen hit Ariana with a line every woman in the world has heard before, and that is “you’re going to be my girlfriend.”

Fast forward to 12 years later and the two ended up getting married, all for Ariana to find out that Joel is a PRINCE!

The groom is related to Haile Selassie and has royal roots that go back to the Biblical times of King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

The two even wore crowns and capes at their wedding!

Take a look at the REAL version of Coming to America below: