Ja Rule Claps Back After 50 Cent Joke His Halftime Performance ‘Cursed’ The Timberwolves

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Ja Rule responds to 50 Cent joking that his halftime performance “cursed” the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“There’s a curse, there’s a curse on the Timberwolves because somebody made a mistake and they let Ja Rule perform at [a] halftime show and it was the worst shit that ever happened,” said 50 in a recent video with the NBA team. “But what happened is he cursed the Timberwolves. So now we’re gonna get rid of the Timberwolves curse. I got a whole ritual planned to break the curse. So everybody get ready to follow it. You will get a chance to see what I do when the curse is broken.”

Ja Rule caught wind of 50’s comments and had a response of his own. “#RENTFREE,” wrote Rule in the comments. “Only thing Curtis lifting is his skirt… 50 been on my dick he love my style!!! And now the curse has been extended…”

Ja Rule performed for the halftime show back in 2019 and instantly went viral, which is the “curse” 50 is referring to. 50 has since partnered with the team.