Ja Rule Defends Diddy In New Interview: “I Wish Diddy Luck”

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Ja Rule believes friend and mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is experiencing “unfortunate circumstances” as he faces several lawsuits involving sexual assault allegations. Rule talked to Piers Morgan about Diddy’s court case and wished him luck after his denial to the UK

“It’s another Black man in this industry going through some unfortunate circumstances,” explained the chart-topping artist. “I wish him luck with everything he’s going through — and if there’s victims in this. I can’t speak on things that I don’t know about, Piers … but I wish everybody love.”

While Rule briefly discussed Diddy, he shared his thoughts on his belief in the justice system and false accusations.

“I believe in justice and I believe in the punishment fitting the crime,” he said. “If people get convicted of the things these people are saying then they should be put in jail. But I also believe, on the flip side, if people are lying about these things they should also be taken to court, tried and be put in prison as well.”

Diddy’s former bodyguard, Gene Deal, has alleged a past sexual situation involving Ja Rule and Diddy in interviews. But the validity of the allegations has never been confirmed.

Several entertainers have been redacted in the sexual assault lawsuits; however, Ja Rule was not among the names.

50 Cent and Ja Rule are feuding again. Rule recounted a previous fight with 50 Cent to Piers Morgan and then expressed his best wishes to his rival.

Ja Rule is working on a new album, which will be his first in a decade.